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At Magic Happens Travel & Cruises, we have decades of experience planning vacations all over the world. If you are considering overseas travel but do not know where you would like to go, read about our featured travel destinations below:


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Jamaica is one of our most popular choices for destination weddings and honeymoons. It is one of the easiest tropical locations at which to get married! A fun fact that not many people know about Jamaica is that they are the originators of the all-inclusive resort, and in our opinion, they have perfected it. This vacation spot offers many amazing amenities including couples-only resorts, which are very appealing to honeymooners. The most desirable aspect of the island is the physical surroundings: not only are there breathtaking mountains and beaches, Jamaica is rich with culture, shopping, and of course, music! As you may know, Reggae was developed there, and the country continues to celebrate its musical roots to this day. In Jamaica, you will also find a plethora of options for outdoor activities like nature excursions, zip-lining, hiking, and more. One of our favorite elements is the eastern side of the island where the mountains meet the sea. You have to see it to believe it!

St. Lucia

honeymoon, wedding, st lucia

Known as the Hawaii of the Caribbean, St. Lucia is a very sought-after honeymoon and destination wedding location. One of our more upscale destinations, a wedding in St. Lucia is perfect for the couple looking for romance and privacy on their special day. In St. Lucia, you will find volcanoes, rain forests, beaches, hiking, and more. The locals are some of the friendliest in the world: they live in a tropical paradise and it is evident by their demeanor that they relish it. Overall, St. Lucia is less developed than most tropical islands, with narrow roads and lots of lush and untouched terrain. Listed by Oprah as one of her “must-see” places, St. Lucia is also one of our most requested honeymoon spots.

Cancun and Riviera Maya

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Cancun is a preferred honeymoon destination. Aside from being one of the most budget friendly choices, it is the ultimate spot for couples. Something that many folks do not know about Cancun is that it is a government-run resort area. Meaning, the government built and regulates the entire area, and Cancun is one of the safest vacation spots in the world. North and South Carolinians could say that it resembles Myrtle Beach but on a much grander scale. Instead of hotels, you have miles of luscious all-inclusive resorts. And due to 2005 hurricanes, most of the city has been rebuilt, which means that the resorts are virtually brand-new with the most modern styling and amenities. Due to the rocky terrain of the beaches, the resorts focused on creating oases when designing and building, with extravagant pool areas for couples to enjoy the warm Mexican climate.
The Riviera Maya is a more spread-out area of Cancun where you can find rich jungles bustling with monkeys, iguanas, and more. This is where you will find a history rich of Mayan culture as well as ecological parks, natural excursions, underground rivers, and much more. Cancun and Riviera Maya is one of our most activity-equipped and diverting honeymoon destinations and the best value for your money.


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The Bahamas are one of the easiest island destinations to which to travel, making it the perfect honeymoon spot for couples with a limited time schedule. Because it is easy and inexpensive to access, the Bahamas are a great destination for short honeymoons and quick anniversary getaways. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs, which leads not only to the powdery soft, white beaches, but also the breathtakingly clear blue water. It is the stuff TV commercials are made of! In the Bahamas, you will find islands with more of an urban feel, including Nassau, which is known as a shopping mecca. The Bahamas also boast some of the Caribbean’s finest dining. All these areas are easily accessible on the Bahamas’ inexpensive and tourist-friendly public transportation system. For honeymooners who love the tropics and the city, the Bahamas is a great destination.

Dominican Republic

honeymoon, wedding, dominican republic

Another affordable honeymoon destination, Dominican Republic is a very commonly requested by our couples. Many of the resorts are new and border beautiful, clear beaches. The island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south. Hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, ATV trails, and more make up some of the amazing excursions offered to vacationers on the island. And the Dominican’s year-round tropical climate makes it easy to enjoy the island to its fullest. Honeymooners can enjoy the quiet privacy of the tropics or go on a nature adventure. The Dominican Republic is also an artisan mecca. There, you will find an abundance of amber jewelry as well as talented street artists. Honeymooners who prefer an exotic twist on their trip should check out this popular location.

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