Trends in Travel

I can’t believe it’s been a while since I last wrote…and I apologize. The month of October, while one of my very favorite months, was quite hectic at work. I would like to say that I have time for everything, but the truth of the matter is….I have to sell and service travel first and foremost, so that is what I have been doing.

Trends in Travel was promised to you….so let’s discuss that a bit. I think the hottest thing in travel right now is River Cruising. It’s a great way to see areas of Europe that cruising from the sea just will not allow. I personally think cruising is a GREAT way to get a feel of Europe, but that is what you get…a feel. You visit port cities and taste what they have to offer. With a River Cruise, you are cruising in the middle of the country, stopping at ports that you would not see from a mass market sea cruise.

The ships are small and elegant, with the perks of cruising, but not the structure that a large ship must have. More time is spent in the ports, with time to truly explore the city. The staterooms are elegant and dining is more of a gourmet experience, as they are not cooking for thousands of people, You also will have only open dining, allowing you time to yourselves, or with friends you may have met on the ship. Your meals are all included, and entertainment, though not the Broadway style shows is also included. You will be pampered and enjoy the cruise experience as well as get a real feel for the cities along the river you will visit.

Many companies are out there, and of course at Magic Happens Travel, we are happy to help you find the ship and itinerary that fits your needs and requirements. Michael Weil, our owner, has cruised on these sailings several times now, and works with groups on the ships as well as individual bookings. He is our River Cruise expert and would be happy to help you. We are finding that with them being so popular, smaller ships, less cabins on the ships…..they fill up very quickly. Many sailings for 2013 are already sold out. If you are thinking of a River Cruise, you should be looking into it now, rather than later.

We are finding that not just the River Cruises but European cruises in general–the numbers are up for us. The airfare is still a challenge to Europe, but the pricing on cruises is such that people are willing to spend the money to have the experience. It’s a different option than the River Cruise, and one that will mirror the cruise you have in mind if you have been on a mass market cruise to the Caribbean or Alaska…Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival, Holland America, Princess…they all have European cruises that will fit most guests time frames and budgets.

Group travel is another trend we are seeing more and more. Groups with the cruise lines and hotels are larger numbers, 8 cabins with a cruise line and at least 10 rooms at most hotels, but smaller groups of friends traveling together…I am sure I did at least 10-12 of these in the past year. It’s a great way to go and enjoy time together. You can all get the same type of cabin or room, or some may want suites, some minimum rooms….but everyone can be together or do their own thing. If you have some friends you are wanting to travel with, let us know… might become the Pied Piper and if you get those group numbers, there are benefits to you as group leader.

And finally, I think the all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean are hot and the best value for travel out there. All meals, drinks, snacks, non motorized watersports, landsports, taxes, gratuities, transfers….everything you NEED is included. There are some wants that are not included, like spa treatments, excursions away from the resort, higher quality wines and gift shop purchases. So, you can see…those items are all you have to consider in the additional money needed.

I am sure I am missing something, but these are trends that we are seeing as hot buttons in travel. Wouldn’t you like to be “in with the in crowd” and try one of these wonderful trends yourself? Call us…..we can make your dreams come true and Magic Happen for you!