Travels This Year…

First, please let me say that I am SO fortunate to have the job I have, that I get to travel. I think that travel opens up a whole new world, which is cliche but true. I would have never been able to travel as much as I have if I had used the Economics degree I have, of that I am quite sure.

It seems that it can be feast or famine for me with traveling, and last year, due to purchases we made, home improvements, etc, I really did not travel much. I was able to take a Fam trip to Curacao, which was with….oh yes, Travel Impressions, and it was a wonderful trip. We did small local trips, and our family beach trip, but pretty much stayed close to home. This year…..a whole different story.

In May, I convinced my husband that we needed a Caribbean vacation, and so we went to Sandals Royal Bahamian…one of our favorites, and enjoyed a week of “us” time. It was wonderful, relaxing and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be there. Then in June, I was fortunate enough to be asked to go to Cancun for an AM Resorts fam, so I got to see all the wonderful resorts that I am always selling. In July we had our family beach trip. August brought a quick trip to Atlanta for training, and now we have hit September.

I just returned from a vacation to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet and visit with a friend, and to explore a lot of what that state has to offer. I find when I think vacation, I think islands….because I do love that, but I realize this wonderful country we live in has so much to offer that I have not experienced. So, that’s new on my radar now! My very quick trip brought me to Taos for a day…fun shopping, and then a sight I will not soon forget….The Rio Grande Gorge! That was truly amazing, and I will post a couple of photos to our Facebook page…it was truly GRANDE. The next day a little time in Old Town, with quaint shops (some not so quaint, thank you Candy Lady), the Salsa cookoff going on, a lovely church….and then to top that off, we took the Sandia Peak Tram to the Sandia Peak! WOW!!! That was breathtaking. And to know that in the winter, the other side is a ski slope, just amazing! Sunday brought a lazy day, but then a decision to visit the Hot Air Balloon Museum, with the Green Chile Festival going on at the same time, what fun to see a very important part of the Albuquerque culture and heritage. Fun times with my friend and great meals were had the entire time, so thank you again Cretia!

Tomorrow, I leave for another Fam trip to Aruba with Travel Impressions, to see an island I sell frequently, but have not visited since 1989, when Mike and I went while I was pregnant with Sarah. I am very excited to see how it has changed, and to experience another wonderful trip with TI. I meet the nicest agents on these trips, and love to network with them…..all helping me to become a better agent to meet my clients’ needs.

This is what I mean….my traveling is a learning experience each and every time, regardless of the intention of the trip….vacation, business, fun, it does not matter, I strive to make it a learning experience each time. So, I am off to learn more, have some fun and make some new friends. I will be back next week with more to say about that trip….and other things I will think about during the trip! Start thinking of where your next vacation should be, and let me help you make those dreams come true!