National Parks

I have to admit, I have traveled far and wide but not as much in this glorious country of ours as I should have. The National Parks are something that I have touched on, but not really experienced and I bet many of you would say the same thing.

We have worked with Globus family of Brands for many, many years with great results. They have Globus, Cosmos and Monograms….mostly escorted tours, but Monograms is more of a hosted itinerary. It has just come to our attention that Globus was chosen to partner with the National Parks Foundation in their Go Parks/Tours campaign to raise money for the preservation of fragile ecosystems and wildlife habitats, restoring and maintaining trails, and for educational programs introducing children to our parks…along with much more. For every guest that Globus Family of Brands books on one of their National Parks tours a contribution will be made by Globus to the National Park Foundation. That is at no cost whatsoever to you, the traveler.

What I see with this is that if you have thought of doing a tour of the Parks….whether extensive, or maybe just highlight a couple of them…now is the time to book. Domestic airfare is less than the European air we talked about earlier (though Europe certainly holds a charm of it’s own), and the tours are of a quality that you cannot match.

So, how about seeing this great land of ours? If you are interested, let us know….we’d be happy to help you “Make it in the USA”!