Exotic Travel

Have an adventurer inside of you who is itching to be free? Magic Happens Travel is not just about the mainstream destinations! We can plan and book any type of exotic trip imaginable for you, from African safaris to Australian Outback tours. Many of our trips to underdeveloped or even undeveloped destinations can include camping, hiking, and more. Meet a real-life Shaman in the jungles of South America or meditate with the Tibetan Monks. Tap into our resources and let us help you plan your non-traditional excursion today.

The Many Wonders of the World

At Magic Happens Travel & Cruises, we believe wonder is in the eye of the beholder. Visit the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, The Grand Canyon, or anywhere else you have always dreamed of seeing. Get that picture of you standing in front of Petra or gaze up at Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

The list does not stop there: do not forget that there are plenty of tropical exotic destinations. Soak up the sun in Fiji or take in the culture of South Africa. Even if it is an unusual spot, we can get you there. No two trips are alike, and we promise to make your unique experience memorable and enlightening.

Our clients come back from their exotic adventures changed forever. Do not pass up the opportunity to see those places that you thought only existed on television. Magic Happens Travel & Cruises can make your exotic adventure attainable and fun.

Give us a call today at 919-678-9800 so we can start planning your next big adventure!

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