European Travel

One of the amazing things about Europe is the marriage of classic lifestyle and architecture with modern culture. See centuries-old artwork in the same day as the latest in high fashion. Pass through multiple countries in mere hours. Stand on the same ground as some of history’s most memorable leaders and tyrants. Magic Happens Travel & Cruises can plan your European vacation for whatever pace and theme you find comfortable.

Magic Happens Travel & Cruises is Your Source for European Travel Planning and Booking in Raleigh

We are prepared to book your European vacation with a timetable customized to your needs. For the traveler seeking schedules and agendas, we will handle your travel itinerary, including while you are in Europe, and we can plan each day to include all of your tours and excursions. We can even book you with a group that includes all the best sight-seeing spots on your trip.

For the less-regimented traveler, we can book your trip to and from home, but leave your schedule free to allow you the chance to be spontaneous, taking each day as it comes. What better place to do that than in Europe? This culture-rich adventure can be a repeat visit or a first-time exploration. Give us a call to see what types of tours we are offering or tell us about the cities you want to see.

Not only is Europe popular, it includes the world’s most famous and remarkable cities, as well gems you never hear about. Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Athens, and Vienna make up just a few of the most popular cities. But do not forget the lesser-known treasures such as Munich, Krakow, Crete, Florence, and Istanbul. Of course there are countless other European destinations from which to choose.

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