Vignette Cruises

Vignette Cruises, or Concierge Cruises, are one of the many results of our partnering practices. Because of its huge agency affiliations, is able to use some significant bargaining power every year, negotiating several cruises to be designated as Vignette Cruises. These are cruises that are already planned and will sail no matter what, but with this amazing insider perk that so many people miss.

We Do the Work so You can Have the Perks!

When you book on a Vignette Cruise with Magic Happens, you will receive the same great bargains we offer all of our clients for that scale of trip. However, we are able to extend to you some pretty special treatment for your amazing vacation. When sailing on a Vignette Cruise, you will attend a private cocktail reception, receive an exclusive on-shore event such as a tour or excursion, and, best of all, a concierge host for the duration of your stay, all at no extra cost. Be the envy of your friends and fellow passengers without spending an extra dime!

The important detail here is your concierge services. Many travelers have found it a life-saver in the past. A concierge can provide many different services throughout your trip and sometimes just help make you feel more at ease about your travels. Your concierge will be a representative from Magic Happens Travel & Cruises, and he or she will be well versed in all the amenities of the trip as well as any extras available to you such as excursions and upgrades. If you need anything at all they will be able to assist. Don’t underestimate the convenience of practically having a personal travel assistant on your next cruise.

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