River Cruises

River Cruises are the newest trend in cruising, involving smaller ships, fewer passengers, and a more intimate interaction with your fellow travelers and also the areas to which you travel.

River cruises range in passenger capacity from as few as six all the way into the hundreds, and the destination locations vary just as much. These are a great option for groups and couples, but they are not the best option for children. Popular on every continent, river cruises are the perfect way to travel to places that may be otherwise unreachable, except by river. Each day involves a whole new set of sites, including walking tours.

On these special trips, you are afforded the chance to interact more frequently and closely with the local culture. These trips also tend to be more informative as the smaller group allows for a better touring experience. Your sights can range from large cities to more rural, uncultivated countrysides. With daily walking tours, there is more freedom for each traveler to explore and learn about the local life.

Unlike traditional ocean cruises, river cruises often offer a more inclusive option, where wine and beer will be served with lunch and dinner. Speaking of food, did we mention that local delicacies are quite often incorporated into the daily meals served aboard your ship? With a river cruise package at Magic Happens Travel & Cruises, the discoveries never stop coming, and every day is more exciting than the last.

Have a Private Experience with Europe

River Cruises in Europe are by far the most popular rising trend. Local cuisine and beverages are often a part of daily dining, as well as inclusive beer and wine selections with lunch and dinner. Although river ships offer more modest accommodations as compared to a cruise liner, the impact of the land where the luxury takes place. Some tours even offer themed cruises based on local history and heroes. Excursions can even include shows and entertainment. What better way could there be to explore culture-rich Europe than by traveling by river from town to town, touching down every day to make new friends and discoveries!

As this trend grows, Magic Happens Travel & Cruises is constantly keeping up with the newest companies and trip packages so that we can be sure to have the most up to date information for your river cruise. Since this is the latest craze, new ships are being built all the time, meaning they are the most modern vessels you will find anywhere.

River cruises are available in Asia, the Amazon, Africa, and many more culture and history-rich areas across the globe. This option is great for the first time traveler looking for as much exposure to a new world as possible, and even better for the seasoned traveler who is looking for something new to try.

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