Yes, Aruba! WOW, that’s what I have to say about that. But that’s not all I have to say. 23 years ago we went to Aruba, with our good friends Ed and Susan (yes you know who you are). We were young marrieds and had little money, so we stayed at a hotel that was not on the beach, but had a very good time. We saw pretty much all there was to see.

After returning this past weekend, I realized how much this small island has to offer. In fact, I decided to take the Aruba Tourist Authority certification and became an ACE…..Aruba Certified Expert. So, I have more letters to add after my name now, ACE. Really, there is something here for everyone, and any of you who wish to visit, I encourage you to do so and of course, to let me help you plan the trip. I have many insider tips for you, and of course personal experience from just being there.

While on this FAM trip with Travel Impressions, I also learned more about this Ambassador program, enough to be dangerous of course. I encourage all my friends who are travel agents to consider giving your very valued business to Travel Impressions, you will not be sorry. I have never felt so appreciated and cared for and I have been doing this a VERY long time, remember that. Of course, I am not the Ambassodor for Aruba, though I was fortunate enough to travel with one and we got royal treatment for that, I must tell you. I will be talking more about my resort in my next blog.

I think my best tip right now for you all…..get a passport, and start thinking about a vacation to the islands. Everyone needs and deserves a little rest and relaxation. Of course, I know everyone cannot afford that right now, so if you can’t at least start planning for a vacation….put a little away each month and soon you will have enough for the deposit and airfare and you too can be planning a great getaway that will rejuvinate and refresh you.

Photos of Aruba will be posted on our Facebook page…..please Like that page if you have not, and of course on my FB page. If you are not friends with me, send me a friend request…..Debbie Clark Kaiser….we can get into all kinds of trouble together.

Have a wonderful week, thanks for listening…..I still have more to say!